The status quo.
An entire industry is struggling for bare survival. Local retail is in shock from the seemingly insurmountable competition of large online retailers. They are causing less and less revenue and more and more vacancies in city centers. Our well-known urban landscape is slowly fading away. It is time to act. This cannot continue. This will not continue.
Viva la revolution!

We are fed up with the status quo. With a divided society. With abandoned city centers. With exploitation and climate sins. Sounds like a long way.

Sounds like dasbob. We will revolutionize shopping. Loud, rebellious and good. Good for local commerce. Good for people. Bad for fears of existence or the ruthless methods of the big online players.

The Way.

But we are more than just an online marketplace with same-day delivery. More than a guarantee for 10% cheaper products. More than the necessary rescuer and hero for retail. We are more than that. With us, luxury goods can soon be obtained for just 1 euro - whether high-class watches or exotic sports cars. That sounds like a vision? It's more than that. We want to make everything possible again for everyone. dasbob is a self-contained eco-system. It is the way.

The way to a better tomorrow. Come with us. We are dasbob.

We are dasbob!
On behalf of the entire team, Frank is named here as a representative. Get to know the entire team behind dasbob.

dasbob Team 

Our founder and the father behind thebobcoin Token is a visionary rebel, as he occurs almost only in legends anymore. But don't worry: Frank exists exactly as really and truly. All the more beautiful that he wants to use his fairy-tale expertise from unfathomably many and successful investment banking and real estate funds paired with a real view of life out there for something that has real added value. For everyone. For dasbob. Courage and passion are his perpetual motion machine.
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