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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the most frequently asked questions about our thebobcoin token.

The thebobcoin token is a type of currency, and our revolutionary new way for you to pay for your purchases on and at the nearly 38,000 connected local shops in the future.

The system recognizes the incoming payment and settles the transaction with the thebobcoin tokens available in your wallet. The value is always based on the current exchange rate.

Our vision is to make a token into a fully-fledged means of payment in commerce. With this, dasbob will be the first full-range provider to offer payment with the thebobcoin token. The ability to pay for all purchases with all connected merchants makes our online department store a self-contained ecosystem.

You can pay with the thebobcoin token in the dasbob online shop when our full-range online shop launches.

We guarantee that the exchange value for one thebobcoin token will always be at least €1.00 after we have gone online. The actual exchange value will then continue to depend on the current rate of the token. There are no upward limits.

Very simple: Log in to your wallet and you can already buy the desired number of tokens by transferring from your regular bank. As soon as our system has registered the incoming payment, the tokens will be visible in your wallet.

We want to establish the thebobcoin token as a means of payment in brick-and-mortar retail. To do this, we are working on integrating more than 38,000 retailers across Germany into our system. We will introduce our partner merchants to you here shortly.

There are no additional fees for paying with credit from your thebobcoin token wallet.

In the introductory phase, you will receive a thebobcoin token at an issue price of €0.35. We guarantee that the exchange value for one thebobcoin token will always be at least €1 after dasbob goes online. The acquisition of an asset involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the capital invested. Please only invest funds that you have freely available.

"Tokens" refers to digitally represented units of value that are accepted as a means of exchange for goods and services and can be transferred, stored, and traded electronically.

The thebobcoin wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to manage and store your thebobcoin tokens. It is essentially a type of software that enables you to securely store your thebobcoin tokens, conduct transactions, and keep track of your own thebobcoin assets.

The number of thebobcoin tokens is deliberately limited in order to ensure various advantages. One of these advantages is value stability. By limiting the token supply, excessive money creation is avoided, which helps to keep supply and demand better balanced. This can prevent extreme price fluctuations. Another reason for limiting the number of thebobcoin tokens is inflation protection. While traditional currencies can lose value due to inflation, limiting the token supply serves as protection against inflation. This means that the value of the token is maintained or can even increase over time.

The thebobcoin token is based on the foundation of the Proof of Stake mechanism. This advanced technology requires significantly less computing power and energy. No complex computing operations are required to validate transactions and add blocks. Also, with the thebobcoin token you are part of the dasbob family. Among other things, we have made it our mission to make your online shopping and local shopping experience more sustainable. In doing so, we lead by example with our own services. Through short transport routes and the use of climate-neutral transport vehicles, dasbob Logistik GmbH sets new standards in e-commerce and is the hallmark of our commitment to sustainability.

The technology behind cryptocurrencies is called blockchain. The blockchain is a digital database that contains all transactions. This database is decentralized because it is stored on all computers in the network. The blockchain enables a trustworthy, secure and transparent way of data exchange.

If crypto sounds cryptic to you:

we have some more info from the dasbob Academy here.

The advantages of blockchain technology.
Transactions don't need an intermediary to provide trust (e.g. a bank). The blockchain guarantees the security and authenticity of transactions. Anyone can view the blockchain - it is completely transparent.
Transactions are verified and secured by the network. Content on the blockchain cannot be altered.
The blockchain resides decentralized on many computers instead of individual servers. Transactions are direct, without a central institution.
How do transactions on the blockchain work?
Step 1
User X wants to make a transaction.
Step 2

The request goes not to a single server, but to a network of many computers.

This makes the network decentralized, because the blockchain resides on many computers.

Step 3

The individual computers (nodes) verify the request.

If they all come to the same result, the request is confirmed

Step 4
Verified requests are bundled and recorded in a block.
Step 5

The finished block is added to the existing ones.

The transaction is confirmed.

Step 6

The blocks reference each other and thus secure themselves.

Once something is written to the blockchain, it can no longer be changed or reversed.

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